Reflection No. 4

I’ve definitely heard of LibraryThing (LT). I think that when I started out on Goodreads I looked at LT, but liked the layout and depth of  Goodreads a bit better. So this is really the first I’ve spent much time looking at it. I’m going to spend some time on both LT and the BookSuggester.

LibraryThing boasts a community of 2.1 millions readers, which is certainly appealing. The site looks a bit sparse at first glance, though I like the Recent Activity tab that’s on the front page. The personal pages look similar to Goodreads. The Talk tab seems to be where the action is. There are an enormous amount of topics and people are so active in them. The front page alone shows the most recent posts and they’re all from within the last 2 hours. Groups seem to be similar. I like the variety of groups that the site offers and the ability to see which ones are popular. Zeitgeist looks like fun to me, but I’m kind of a stats wonk. I can imagine it might be overwhelming to someone else though.

On to the BookSuggester! I both like and dislike the fact that there is just a search box and nothing else. It’s nice in a minimalist way and you don’t have to think a lot about your input, but it seems like there’s not a lot of room for specifying your preferences. The individual book page that it took me to is very attractive, but most of the recommendations were for books by the same author. This makes sense, but it would be nice to see a bit more variety. Also, the different sections of suggestions seem to be very repetitive, which I don’t necessarily understand the point of.

All in all, I like the layout, but it seems like the content could be a big stronger. The community aspects of LibraryThing are really appealing. Plus, it has ‘Library’ in the name which panders to me.


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