Reflection No. 3

Goodreads is one of my favorite sites. I know, I know, the whole Amazon thing is unfortunate, but it’s so simple, has such a good community of readers and reviewers, and is an excellent place for me to keep my thoughts on books and keep track of what I’ve read. So why am I writing a reflection on a source I already use and love? There is so much more on there than I realized! I tend to go straight to my books or the search bar, but the Browse and Community tabs offer so many options! I’d like to discuss some of them and how they can be useful reader’s advisory tools.

Browse > Genres. Holy cow! Again, not spending much time navigating the site, I completely missed this section. You can pick a genre and it will show you new releases (!), what’s been read this week, and collections of lists and groups. Talk about a good way to keep up on the latest and greatest. Each of the books on the new releases section links to its Goodreads profile, offering a quick overview of the book. This might be my new strategy for keeping up with new books.

Browse > Blog. So Goodreads has a blog. Makes sense, but somehow I never even thought to look for one. Goodreads staff post excellent, curated book lists. As someone who is a fan of book lists, this is like a dream. Consider it bookmarked.

Community > Discussions. Again, how is it that I’ve gone this far without knowing that there are groups of people discussing books? There are discussions for books across the board! Not only that, but it seems to be pretty active and as far as I can tell, there’s a hefty archive. This would be a good source for readers who want to dive a bit deeper into their book. It’s kind of like a miniature forum based book club. Schyeah!

That’s what I get for underestimating Goodreads: the opportunity to find even more cool things!


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