Reflection No. 2

I am going to use this opportunity to write about a blog that I use to keep up with more obscure contemporary fiction. Biblioklept is run by Edwin Turner, an English professor, and on it he previews and reviews both new and old titles, creates book lists, and sprinkles a bit of art in for good measure. He’ll post short stories and sections from books as well. I’ve been following his blog since I discovered it 4 years ago and it has directed me to quite a few authors that I love.

The About page is a good introduction to the site. He links to a collection of his book reviews as well as interviews he’s done with authors and it gives you a good idea of what the site is about. The real fun starts with the About You section. This could leave you finding the site tedious and self-important, or it could get you thinking about literature, reading, and a whole host of other things.

Here is an example of a book review of his. He combines snippets of the text with context and plot that offers a good introduction to a book. I find it quite helpful when deciding if this is something I would be interested in reading

This site certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you like it, you just might get sucked in like I have.


Reflection No. 1

Whichbook. How is it that I’ve never seen this before? It’s such a useful way to find books! Sometimes patrons will come in asking for certain types of books rather than a genre or a book that is like something else. They might say, “I want something funny and weird, but with no sex.” Bam! This site lets you tailor your search to that kind of a request.

I love the scroll bars. I tend to think of books in terms of tone and the way they make me feel rather than genre or setting or anything like that. This is really right up my alley and I’m surprised I’d never heard of it before. A couple turns playing with it and it already suggested books that I would be interested in reading. For example, I maxed the slider on funny, disturbing, demanding, and unusual and the results were almost dead on. It had a couple of my favorite books on there, but also quite a few new ones. I’m blown away by this. This link should take you to what I found.

I currently use Novelist more than anything when it comes to doing Reader’s Advisory and that’s mostly with finding similar book titles or authors. Whichbook is in prime position to be a new favorite of mine when I’m on the reference desk.